In 2018, ISO has published the revised ISO 12944. This standard is one of the main international standards for corrosion protection of steel by paint and provides requirements for the selection of coating systems for different environments, different degrees of surface preparation, as well as the degree of expected duration.

The new edition includes a new addition (Part 9) exclusively dedicated to offshore structures.

Some of the more significant changes include:

Extension of standard A new part dedicated to offshore (Part 9)

New classification of environments

New categories of corrosivity for extreme atmospheric conditions (CX), submerged and with cathodic protection (Im4)

New durability category – Very High

Durability (> 25 years)

Updating of normative Dry film thickness (DTF) values

Part 9 tackles laboratory behavior testing methods for offshore structures. This part incorporates and replaces ISO 20340.

VICINAY MARINE has evaluated a Thermal Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) system according to the standard ISO 12944-9:2018 for an environment of combined corrosivity category CX (offshore) and immersion category Im4 (splash and tidal zones).

  • After ageing tests, the tested samples did not present any type of defect (blisters, corrosion, cracking, etc).
  • After cyclic ageing test and sea water immersion test, corrosion penetration from the scribe has not been observed (0 mm).

Samples after 4200 hours in cyclic ageing test.

Samples after 4200 hours in sea water immersion test.

THERMAL SPRAY ALUMINIUM meets the performance requirements for categories CX and Im4 offshore environments, for a durability of more than 25 years.

Qualified in 2015 by VM.

Qualified in 2020 by VM.