Mooring Solutions

Subsea Solutions

Interface points of mooring lines are critical and are studied in detail to provide a connector design optimized for each project to meet its required function. Numerous special accessories are designed, manufactured and delivered in order to facilitate installation and operation including ROV operable connectors, dedicated installation links and a range of D-type connectors and H-links.

VMi designs mooring components and subsea solutions to minimize the time and cost of installation, providing a variety of field-proven solutions to carry out remotely operated connections or line tensioning systems at catenary, seabed, and anchor/pile points.

All these new connection systems are proven in real marine conditions in a special facility called HarshLab installed in BIMEP area.

In addition to optimized accessories, chain link geometry can also be modified. By changing the geometry and therefore weight of the links, variable geometry and weight (VGW) products can be offered. VGW chain can reduce overall mooring line tonnage, increase resistance to corrosion, improve fatigue life characteristics and enhance the line response to tension.

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