Ocean Renewable Energies

Ocean Renewable Energies development is one of the main research areas of Vicinay Marine Innovación. Environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon footprint are included in our company vision and strategy and many actions are implemented in this way.

In 2019 VMi committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) identifying goals n#7 and n#9 as those to be developed within the company:

  • SDG n#7: Affordable and Clean Energy.
  • SDG n#9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

The goal selected to develop SDG n#7 Affordable and Clean Energy, is to increase the commercialization of Ocean Renewable Energy projects. We have dedicated more than 40 % of our research resources to this type of project and improving technical capacities for them, in addition to increasing the company’s turnover in marine renewable energy projects.

We began to collaborate in this segment of the industry starting in 2008, and our range of experience has been covered through many projects:

Taking care of the planet so that future generations can enjoy it, is our obligation on a personal as well as a corporate level. Our main contribution to this is to accelerate the development of new sectors, mainly floating offshore wind and wave energy.

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