Research and Development

Vicinay Marine Innovación (VMi), as the Research and Development Unit of the Vicinay Marine group, is continuously working in different areas of research to meet the needs and interests of our customers and to solve the future challenges of the offshore sector.

Our collaboration with Universities, Technological and Research Centres, Customers, Suppliers, Class Societies and other companies is a fundamental part of our success. The validation, within the industry, of the products and solutions is an essential part of our R&D process and many special devices and real offshore labs are used for this purpose.

The following focus areas have been developed as the core strategy of R&D within the Vicinay Marine group:

  • Development of New Products
  • Process Digitalization and Optimization (4.0 Industry)
  • Offshore Chain and Connectors In-service Behaviour
  • Ocean Renewable Energies
  • Joint Industry Projects (JIPs)

Key R&D Projects

Ocean Renewable Energies

Joint Industry Projects (JIPs)


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