Mooring Solutions

AD HOC Solutions

Mooring lines are a critical component for the safety of floating steel structures. Oil and gas platforms and floating offshore wind systems vary based on their application, technology used and geographic location. The impact of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, warm temperature areas in West Africa or East Asia, the Arctic environment, all involve different service conditions and have different requirements to avoid degradation mechanisms.

Therefore, a mooring system and its individual components must be specially designed to meet these factors. As such, the Vicinay Marine Group has developed an AD HOC MOORING SOLUTION PHILOSOPHY. This philosophy strives to maximize integrity, improve safety and optimize system costs.






As part of the solutions for those specific requirements, Vicinay has developed the following:

High Strength Steels for Offshore
Mooring Chains and Accessories

Specialized Corrosion and
Wear Protection Systems


Identification Systems for
Transportation and Installation Purposes

Research, Development and Engineering Services

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